Musical Web-Cast Movie Thing Rec: Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog

"The world is a mess and I just need to rule it!"

If you haven’t seen this just…go to Netflix, or Youtube, or whatever and watch it. Right now. This is Joss Wedon’s ultra-low-budget cult classic musical extravaganza. It’s the 3-act story of a genuinely good man who happens to be a criminal mastermind, his dick of a superhero arch-nemesis, and the bright, kind-hearted woman he meets at the laundromat…complete with incredibly catchy musical numbers.

If it sounds cheesy that’s because it is…at first. The humor of the first act bleeds into drama, building into a really heartwrenching ending number that still fits into the kitschy comic-book world of the story. It left me a little teary, and with the whole damn soundtrack stuck in my head.

Plus, guys, this is Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion. Together. Singing. Do yourselves a favor and watch.

PS: The one real problem with this one is that in it’s haste to deconstruct the superhero/supervillain dichotomy, it fails to give us one of the character types Wedon is best known for: a strong, central female character. Penny is lovely, good-hearted and bright, but is ultimately drowned out by the egos of the two men fighting over her. Whether you consider her eventual fate a feminist failure or a bold commentary on superhero tropes is up to you. I still suggest you see this damn beautiful movie.